Analyse of : Aura – Organs – Meridians
reducing weight, dissolving allergys and asthma, Colesterol, sleeping problems, cleaning the body of virus and bacterias

Quantum Medicine for

Reading of the 3. Congress of Integrative Medicine
in Moskau, June 2008
The influence of thoughts, words and environment of cells

The Epigenetic and Quantum Physics are proving that thoughts, feelings, words and environmental acts are changing biochemical reactions of 100.000 cell proteins and also genes.

Every experience causes a genetic change of the DNA cells. Theses fields coordinate the 100.000 proteins. Genes and consciousness are in an interplay. Through a higher flow of information in the body the neutron connections increase and other parts are connected. Convictions are changing hormones, connections of nerves, genes and the whole electromagnetic field of interactions. The social network, the economic system, nutrition, toxins and rituals are effective facts. The body is reading in thoughts.

In order to understand the effect of this therapy a human being must be separated into an organic body and into a fine frequency energy field of quantum physics. This frequency is in harmony if the human has a stable health, the right partner, the right profession, lives in financial freedom and can enjoy his leisure.

Think of the times when you are in love. In this situation the DNA spiral is getting untwisted. Like a human being who is having holidays and is lying relaxed on the beach. This cell is bright and no acidic, PH value 7,4.

Through conflicts at your working place, arguments within a relationship, negative thoughts – existential fear and environmental toxins, other information or frequencies in the energy field – the waves are overlapping – interference and the energy field is in disharmony and the frequency goes down – lack of energy! (Burn out syndrome). The DNA tightens like a hedgehog, the cell is getting dark and degenerates. It builds daughter cells which like to maintain the function.
The body reacts with a symtome.

The surrounding of the cell is quantum physically controlled, with change of information, the behaviour and the physiology. Genes are switched on and off. Information which is send to your body by emotions, thoughts and intentions are causing reactions. Every physiological process of the body has an electromagnetic component. We are not victim of our genes, but we can define our body. Only 2% of diseases are genetic. Cancer is not inherited, but mother and daughter have the same model, pictures, thoughts and the same environment!

Healing is caused by the subconsciousness. Spirit and body are a unit. Spirit is primary. There exist millions more quanta than the material world. The spirit rules after the material. The cell reacts to feelings. Clever cells are more intelligent. If the united cell structure joints, the cognition is growing. The cell works like a switch. Growth or protection. Kortisol is caused through stress, making the brain buttle, blood pressure and blood sugar grows, indurates the arterys and leads to heart disease.

This is the functional chain:
Conflict is a cause and produces an information.
Information causes a picture in the subconsciousness.
This picture causes a feeling.
The feeling causes a frequency.
This frequency changes the energy field.
This energy field changes the cell development as a symptom.

Every thought, every word and feeling changes the energy field, our body cannot distinguish between objective and subjective danger.

Can you imagine that you are thinking daily in your left part of your brain 60.000 thoughts and this information goes into the right part and it is saved in pictures. In our subconsciousness and in the cell membrane 100 billions informations are saved in pictures.

Pictures are producing around the cells a chemical fluid which is sending signals into the cell . Our body doesn’t make a moral decision about our feelings, just reacting accordingly. The subconsciousness doesn’t know what time is. An indignity in your childhood is affecting you today.

Positive experiences with Quantum Medicine:
· Allergies, skin problems, conical liver, stomach, bowel diseases
· Children with conduct disorders – wet one’s bed, convulsions, learning disorders
· Eating disorder – appedphagid, overweight and anorexia
· Eye diseases, AMD
· Anxieties and depressions
· Anergy, death of family members and accidents
· Relationship problems
· Manager training
· Finding the right profession