Xenia J. Lee
The life ...
The rainbow has lots of different colours, but sometimes you can only see one of them, because the view is blinded by sorrows, fears, envy, jealousy, illness...or you just want to see one.

Every moment, like in life there are so many possiblities and chances to descover, recognize and to use.

I invite you to an endless journey through all the colours and facets of your life and wish everyone the joy, the braveness and the believing to experience this who everyone is searching for:
"LOVE...is the answer!"
I'm looking forward to joining you
Xenia J. Lee


Body & Soul

Individual help, advise and training for everyone who wants to take responsibility of one's own life, searching for the right path, harmony, health, inner calmness, power and love.


    Jade Yoga


    - beginners


    - private lessons and groups


    - especially for pregnant women and women after dd giving birth


    Tai Chi / Qigong


    Shaolin Kung Fu


    - especially for kids 4-12 years

    - adults


    Jade Massage


    (feet, hand, neck, shoulders, back, head, balancing kkengergys, dissloving internal blockades)


    Relax Massage


    (head, neck, shoulders, hand and back)

    Foot reflexology

    "Radionik" (Quantum Medicine)


    Analysis of: Aura - Organs - Meridians




Message for you
...is a project against drugs and violence, the motto is:

Drugs and violence...?

Love is the answer!

It's an important message for all of us, the problem not only affects those involved, we are also suffering because our children are our future. There are many organisations dealing with that problem, only treating the symptoms, what I see are the causes and a natural way of prevention!

On stage with music, different artists, creative children etc., we move people to think and touching the hearts. (own songs, local artists, children, Yoga + Tai Chi Show)


Refrences: Gate Production (Ch), Krüger (Ch)

Xenia J. Lee
  • Indian background
  • Born and grown up in Slowenia until the age of 19 years old
  • With that age emmigrated to Switzerland
  • Education: Medicine Studies, Psychology, Revel - Music, post graduated in Chinese Medicine - Tuina, Kung Fu, Tai - Chi, Qigong, Meditation Zen (China Wushu Institut by Prof. Zhu Shaofan - Schweiz), Yoga (Sivananda School), Mental Dynamic - Counselling

Independent since August 2005 Tenerife - El Médano:

Body & Soul, J A D E WUSHU Institute

  • Member of the Canarian Associacion of Chinese Marcial Arts "WUJIA"
  • Member of "CHINA WUSHU INSTITUT" - Switzerland
    for marcial arts